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Luscious Lips

For some time now, I have clients asking about lips- how swollen do they become? How dark do they go? What colour will they turn?

To be honest, lips is the one treatment that clients are scared of the most….

So this post is going to give you an idea into what happens day by day after having your lips treated using Semi Permanent Make Up.

My lovely client was kind enough to send me her ‘daily’ pics and updates following her lip procedure; I wanted to share with you her experience and what would be expected to happen to your lips after having the procedure.

Yes the lips can become a darker colour to begin with after the initial treatment, yes they can become swollen and yes they can feel slightly sensitive… but this literally lasts 2-3 days and the end results are so worth it!

Day 1

“ I looked in the mirror after they had been done and I was super happy with my new lips. The colour was dark, but I know they will fade up to 50% within the next 4 to 7 days. I walked out feeling a little sore and they feel a bit tight when I smile and speak. I had a cooling ice coffee with a straw after the lips procedure, this felt quite soothing for my lips. When I got home, I put some ice in a tea towel and sat with it on my lips on and off for around 30 minutes. I then applied the aftercare cream, (which Chloe provided) on my lips with a clean cotton bud.”

Day 2

“I have been drinking through a straw and being careful when eating today. All swelling has completely gone and I have no pain whatsoever.

My lips feel dry and chapped like they have been through a cold winter.

To look at, the line around the edge is more visible, but I know this will all blend in a few days.

Even though they feel dry, they don’t actually look it.”

Day 3

“The liner around the edge has now started to blend in with the rest of the lips. They feel fine to eat, drink and smile with. I have some dry bits around the outside and some flaking in the centre of the lips.

To look at, no one would really know or be able to tell apart from my lips looking slightly dry. I will continue to use the cream to speed the healing.”

Day 4

“Today all the dry skin flaked away from my lips throughout the day. To be honest, it was so tempting to pull the rest away, but I held back and left it to fall naturally. It started to peel from the centre and then eventually to the edges where the liner is.

I’m now left with amazing looking lips! They look so defined and much more fuller, which is exactly what I wanted. I LOVE them!!

Tomorrow (day 5) will be the day I can show them off hehe!”

Day 5

“My lips are looking great today, they’re still a little tight around the edges, but I can put lipgloss and lipstick on as normal and I remove it very gently. They have healed beautifully and much quicker than I thought. I’m looking forward to having my top up in 4-6 weeks.”

Day 10

The Full Works

“Here’s the full works … Brows, liner, lips and lashes Hehe!”

‘Thank you Chloe, you are truly talented at what you do. Xxx”

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